2018 - Christmas Joy Parcel Drive

Once again as every year ... For many years our Christmas campaign is almost part of the fall season and pre-Christmas time for many people in this region of Germany and beyond. Eight-year-old Krisztofer Ferenc of Fornos is one of almost 6500 children in Transcarpathia who only last year were thrilled over their Christmas present from Germany. Time and again we are amazed that we can give gifts to such a large number of children year after year. You have our sincere thanks for this.


Kristofer Ferenc of Fornos

Kristofer Ferenc of Fornos

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The events of Bethlehem from back then fundamentally changed the world up to this day. Hope, peace and joy want to fill our lives despite all our concerns and problems. Christmas joy goes deep into our hearts.
Kristofer Ferenc of Fornos
Ukraine, now as always, is an unstable country politically and economically and a fundamental improvement of living conditions for the people is not in sight. Rather the opposite is the case. Spending for education and health programs falls lower and lower. Thus it is common, before
treatment is given in a hospital, to first receive a shopping list for the pharmacy. For example the very first thing one needs after a bone fracture is to purchase x-ray film, plaster and binding material. In the hospital of the county seat of Beregszász/Berehovo, not long ago the TB-ward was closed. Tuberculosis patients must now take public transportation to the provincial capital, about 70 km (42 miles) away.

Along with the unforgettable joy for the children, their families also experience new hope from the gift-package in their often dreary everyday life.

Therefore it is important to let the children experience a "magic moment" and give them an unforgettable joy.

We ask you again this year very sincerely for your support for our "Christmas Joy" campaign.

We collect the donations and take the money to Ukraine. Our partners in the parishes of the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia purchase the gifts. Lovingly and with a lot of involvement they pack them one parcel at a time and distribute them to the children.



Happy over their gifts – the two three-year-olds Hanna Balla and Tibor Balázs of Dercen

Happy over their gifts – the two three-year-olds Hanna Balla and Tibor Balázs of Dercen


In order for many children’s eyes to sparkle we need you, your relatives and acquaintances, your friends, neighbors and co-workers.
Tell others about this wonderfully simple opportunity to give a tremendous Christmas surprise to children living in the margin of life.
We are delighted to hear of any idea by which school groups, kindergardens, businesses, associations and sport clubs participate.

Christmas begins in the heart and does not depend on what you possess. We can often achieve a lot with just a little money. You can brighten a child's eyes with only 6 dollars. Get involved and share this information with others. Together we can accomplish great things.

Our 5 advantages:

  • The purchase of gifts in Ukraine saves lots of money on costly transportation; money that then goes to the children's benefit.
  • Lots of gifts are significantly cheaper there. Thus more gifts for the same money.
  • There is no need to be concerned with import and duty fees on the parcel contents.
  • Purchasing in Ukraine supports local retailers and contributes to the support of their families. That is another reason we purchase on site.
  • We personally know a great many of those responsible in over 50 villages, foster homes and pre-schools. And our partners know the children and what will makethem happy. They gladly take part in the Christmas drive and handle all necessarytasks at site. This partner-like cooperation is very important to us!

Please send your donation to our account at the Sparkasse Vogtland bank.

IBAN: DE57 870 580 00 381 20 10 908


Please help! We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

We support this campaign - How about you?

"The birth of the Christ Child at that time in a stable in Bethlehem is the greatest gift for mankind. Therefore we should give to others with a joyful heart.
Economic poverty and worsening living conditions particularly for minority groups make it more and more difficult for people in Transcarpathia to remain in their homeland. Especially the children suffer the most. I find it amazing to see big sparkling eyes of a surprised child. Therefore I gladly support this 'Christmas Joy' campaign for poor children in Transcarpathia. Help them at least at Christmas to be surprised with a great gift and experience unforgettable joy. Love of neighbor knows no boundaries or denominations. Many drops of water will cool even the hottest rock. Please help.

Sincerely, Gunther Emmerlich"


Gunther Emmerlich

Singer and entertainer


"Abundance in industrial countries on the one hand and poverty in developing countries on the other hand. A condition we can change with comparatively few funds.

Therefore every donation helps the socially weakest persons. Please help to relieve the dire situation in countries with weak infrastructure."

Björn Kircheisen

Won numerous medals in the Olympic games and world championship competition in cross-country skiing