Local Partners

Pastor Sándor Zán Fábián, Bishop of the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia

Our partners are the congregations of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia (70-75% of the Hungarians living there are members). That is the Evangelical church of the Hungarian speaking population in this area. As early as 1530 the first Evangelical communities were set up in this region – to a certain extent this was the beginning of the Reformation in what was then Hungary, which extended all the way to Transylvania.


Since the area's separation from Hungary the Church has been independent. The bishop resides in  Beregszász/Berehovo. Bishop  Sándor Zán Fábián holds this office along with heading his own congregation.

At the moment there are 88 pastors in charge of 110 congregations of the Reformed Church, which also include several Roma communities.

Today the church is facing new challenges. Since the change in the political system there are many new opportunities for God's word; bible study hours, Sunday school and religious education being among them. A private initiative brought about a small effort known as the Blue Cross, which is dedicated to those suffering from addiction to alcohol and other substances. After the political change a whole series of churches and parsonages could be renovated and rebuilt.

The church operates a home for children, maintains four Reformed high schools and two establishments for handicapped children, a rehabilitation center in Mezövári and a day-care in Hetyen, among other things.


Reformed church in MezöváriRehabilitation center for handicapped children in Mezövári