Origin of the Society

  • Mid-1990s:  First contacts with Sándor Molnár, a young man from the area of Transcarpathia, who was studying for a theological degree in the vicinity of Berlin.
  • Another young theology student, Sándor Zán, came to this area of Saxony for a while to learn German. He has been active as a pastor in his homeland since the fall of 1996, and since January 2007 has been a bishop of his church.
  • Meanwhile a young man named Péter Szeghljánik spent another year here in Lengenfeld to learn German, in order to complete his theological training here in Germany. Later he was youth pastor in the Reformed young people's organization KRISZ and today is a pastor in Transcarpathia.
  • The growing number of personal contacts led to the founding of the Benefit Society in 1997, in view of the poverty in this region.
  • It is precisely the many personal connections that are an important safeguard for us that our relief aid arrives securely and is applied in an orderly way.
  • The basis of our activity is Christian love of neighbor.


Activities/reports of previous years