We are very grateful for all opportunities to help that God has given us thus far, for your prayers and for God's protection while traveling.

We are well aware that our help is often only the proverbial "drop in the bucket," but it can be great and valuable to the one who receives it. We can give signs of God's love and the love of neighbor. Every drop is a sign of love and hope, without which our world is impoverished and which can still give us quite a bit of interior richness. For us it means time and again a chance to learn humility and practice gratitude.  And every drop is a sign that someone is not forgotten. Every time we are impressed once again by experiencing people's sincere gratitude.

They continue to need our help, our support and our prayers. You will find concrete and detailed information about our projects listed here.


Christmas package drive

The annual Christmas package campaign for children in Transcarpathia has developed into an important focus of our work. About 5000 children in several villages, in two state-run orphanages and in the Reformed Chuch facilities for handicapped receive a Christmas surprise, and for most of them it is the only Christmas present they get at all.

These parcels as a rule contain chocolate and other sweets, fruit, school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo or body wash, socks, a hat or gloves.

This campaign known as "Christmas Joy," in which donations are collected in Germany so that our partners on location in Ukraine can purchase the gifts, had as its patron for several years the then prime minister of the Free State of Saxony (Germany), Professor Kurt Biedenkopf.

Today the Christmas package campaign is supported by the Dresden singer and entertainer Gunther Emmerich, as well as by Björn Kircheisen of Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore Mountains, who has won several Olympic medals and other prizes at world competitions in Nordic combined skiing events.

For more on this topic, refer to the appeal for donations to our Christmas Joy campaign and its outcome in the annual reports. 


Help in medical and social areas

Medically, only about 10% of the people can afford basic minimal treatment. Doctors currently practicing often do not have the necessary means and opportunities at their disposal. Therefore our help in medical and social areas has developed into another focus of our work.

József is a physically handicapped boy from Transcarpathia. He is afflicted with infantile cerebral palsy. For several years we have been financing his periodic treatment in a Ukrainian specialized clinic. This therapy has been very successful. József meanwhile has become able to run alone for some distance, somewhat wobbly to be sure, but without any outside help. Lately his family has been utilizing therapy in nearby Hungary as well as at the rehab center for handicapped children in Mezövári. Since the fall of 2009 József has attended the village school in his hometown with good results. 

The handicapped in Transcarpathia until now have been a taboo subject. In public life they are irrelevant. There is hardly any encouragement or treatment for them.  As a rule, a handicapped person's only future was that of a beggar.

Since 2010 we have therefore been supporting a project that was initiated by the Reformed Church. In Beregszász/Berehovo a group of children with varying types of disabilities meets on a regular basis. Depending on each of their situations and disabilities, the children get targeted treatment with encouragement and various kinds of therapies. In Hetyen also a day-care facility for handicapped children has been established.



For some time in the community of Mezövári there has been construction at a rehabilitation center for handicapped children. For the time being that is the focus of our support in the area of disability relief.

Ongoing construction at the rehab center in MezöváriAs of July 2015093

One type of very valuable help for those needing care is adult diapers. They can indeed be bought in Ukraine, but the price is the same as in western countries. For the families involved that is almost unthinkable with their monthly income.


Our work with children and young people

The Benefit Society supports and encourages contact between youth work in the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia (the youth group KRISZ) and the Saxon youth group (from Germany) EC ("Decided for Christ)", where a partnership exists.


Support for Education

We support students by financing their education as needed.


Young people from Germany and members of KRISZ in Transcarpathia enjoying free time togetherRelief transports

We are organizing no relief convoys on a massive scale. That is due to the difficulties at the Ukrainian border, but mainly to the enormous increases in transport costs.

We are delighted with any donation and would like to handle responsibly the gifts entrusted to us. Thus it is important for us to buy or finance on site things needed for assistance when possible.