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The Transcarpathia Benefit Society Inc. supports people in the area of Transcarpathia in Ukraine, a region mentioned only with extreme rarity and having very low coverage in the headlines of the media in the West.

The area of Transcarpathia is located in the southwest of Ukraine on the border to Hungary. It is not one of the preferred target areas for western relief organizations. Due to the unemployment rate of nearly 80% and a lack of social safeguard programs on the one hand, and the low income on the other hand (at one time wages were between €100 and €80 a month), the people do without many everyday things we in the West take for granted. The consequences of the war in the east of Ukraine have made living conditions dramatically worse. The exchange rate for Ukrainian currency with respect to the euro has fallen drastically. By the same token prices have increased. Since wages and benefits have remained steady the people now have to get by with somewhat over a third of their former income. They can no longer afford even the most elementary things. It is normal today in a drug store to buy just 2 or 3 pills at a time! A retiree has to spend as much as one-third of his fixed income just to buy bread. If he needs medicine too, there is not enough for the electric bill.

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By means of personal contacts through the Society, our relief aid arrives directly and safely.  A close cooperation exists with the congregations of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Transcarparthia.

We are not one of the large relief organizations. That gives us the advantage of a more personal and direct operation. We take small steps appropriate to the extent of our possibilities. A large part of our support deals with special projects. In practice there are certain restrictions that occur at the Ukrainian border. Nevertheless there are still a good number of opportunities to help.


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Pastor Sándor Zán Fábián  (Bishop of the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia),  Michael Dörffel, Johannes Müller, Christian Ehrler und Ronny Schwabe.

Society information

Hilfsverein Unterkarpaten e.V.
D - 08485   Lengenfeld
Hauptstraße 31
Telephone/Fax: +49-37606-37880

Society offices:
Lengenfeld im Vogtland
Freistaat Sachsen (Free State of Saxony)

Bank information:
IBAN:   DE57 870 58 000 381 20 10 908

Register of associations:
No. 30560 at the municipal court of Chemnitz

Contact person:
Voluntary chairman: Christian Ehrler, Hauptstraße 31, 08485 Lengenfeld

Board members:
Michael Dörffel, Johannes Müller, Ronny Schwabe